Cedar & Lap Sided


Cedar & Lap Sided Sheds are available in Deluxe and Premium Models. The Deluxe and Premium Models were designed to look more like your house, with larger overhangs; 6” in the front and back of the shed and 9” on both sides, these overhangs will increase in size with the larger sized buildings. Overhangs will be kept in proportion with the building. These models have upgraded chrome (Deluxe) or black (Premium) ‘T’ handle hardware, and are a full dimension* building, they also come with an upgraded trim package to give it a bigger, bolder look.
Deluxe & Premium Models are a full dimension* building. For example, if you were to order a 10’x12’, the actual floor will be cut 10’x12”.
The base for these models includes brick pads (refer to “What’s Included”), that are squared and leveled, then we add either 4x4 or 4x6 Pressure Treated Skids (4x6 are used in buildings over 12’ in length), on top of that is our floor joist system which is Doug Fir 2x4’s 16” o/c, and finally placed on that is ¾” plywood (one side sanded) which completes the base/floor.
Walls are framed with Doug Fir 2x4’s 24” o/c, a 2x6 ridge with 2x4 rafters 24” o/c. All walls are framed with a top and bottom plate using 2x4’s.
Before the Cedar or Lap Siding is used, we first attached ½” OSB (oriented strand board) sub siding (unless otherwise specified), and then the Cedar or Lap Siding goes over the top. We use sub siding on all Cedar & Lap Sided Sheds, this helps with rigidity, keeping your building in square due to the fact that lap type siding comes in stick form vs sheets, like T1-11.
Sub sheeting for the roof is ½” OSB (oriented strand board), with a 30-year IKO dimensional asphalt shingles (eleven colors to choose from).
4’ wide shed door is standard on all shed/shed like buildings. This door comes with adjustable door hardware, galvanized (DLX) or black (Prem.) hinges and a chrome (DLX) or black (Prem.) locking ‘T’ handle.
All builds are generally done within a day. Larger buildings as in garages take more than a day, but less than a week.

What’s Included:

  • Bricks – Concrete brick pads – 1 ⅝”, 3 ½” or 7 ½” (heights of bricks are determined by the levelness of your build site, or specific requests).

  • Pressure Treated Skids – 4x4 PT Skids or 4x6 PT Skids for any building over 12’ in length.

  • Floor Joists – 2x4 Floor joists, 16” o/c (on center).

  • Floor – ¾” One side sanded plywood floor.

  • Walls – 2x4 Walls, 24” o/c with 2x4 top and bottom plates.

  • Sub Siding - ½” OSB (oriented strand board).

  • Siding – Cedar, Cedar Shake, Shiplap, Cottage Lap, Etc.

  • Trim Package – The trim we use for our cedar or shiplap siding sheds is 3 ½” LP or Cedar.

  • Roof Sheeting – ½” OSB (oriented strand board).

  • Roofing – 30-year IKO Dimensional asphalt roof shingles, eleven colors to choose from.

  • Shed Door – 4’ wide shed door with adjustable door hardware, galvanized (DLX) or black (Premium) hinges and a locking chrome (DLX) or black (Premium) ‘T’ Handle with key.

  • Delivery – Delivery* and assembled from ground up.

  • Warranty – Cedar & Lap Sided Sheds comes with the standard warranty of the Model you choose (Deluxe or Premium).

*See delivery/set up for more information

Add Ons:

  • Paint/Stain (Deluxe)

  • Ramps

  • Doors – Double Doors, Man Doors, French Doors, Recycled Doors

  • Skirt Kits, Vented Skirt Kits

  • Insulation – Floor, Wall, Ceiling

  • Windows – Single Pane or Dual Pane – Single Hung or Sliders

  • Sky-Vents, Turbine Vents, Eave Vents, Gable Vents

  • Work Bench – Shelving

  • Metal Roofing

  • Roof Felt, Roof Flashing

  • Lofts

  • Eave or Gable Overhangs

  • Porches

  • Decks

The list of Add Ons/Options is only limited by your imagination

Delivery / Set Up:

All our sheds/shed like buildings include delivery and set up/assembled on site.
Benefits of being set up/assembled on site: You are able to get any size you want, any model you want and you are able to have your new building put exactly where you want it.
In order to keep it fair to all customers, we ask that your site be level within 6” from the highest point to the lowest point.
Our normal delivery area is 35 miles from our physical location (4880 Airway Drive, Central Point, OR), any delivery over 35 miles will be subjected to a mileage charge.
For a full list of The Shed Guys Normal Installation Requirements, please email or call.

FYI – ALL Sheds/Barns/Lean 2’s can be customized to fit your needs.

Other buildings are also available, checkout our gallery for ideas.