Our Story:

The beginning,

The Shed Guys first began building personal storage sheds in mid 1980’s. The company was founded in 1985 by Marion Imrie, under the name Rogue Valley Mini Barns, and was operated by him until July of 1998. The entire manufacturing process took place in a 300 square foot concrete block building, that was painted white with a red roof.

New ownership,

July 1998, Rogue Valley Mini Barns was bought by Brian & Michelle Rogers. They eagerly picked up where Marion had left off, continuing to supply the Rogue Valley with high quality sheds. With the growing demand for more customization and options, they began focusing on allowing people to get the sheds they need with the options they wanted.

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OLD TSG-RV Mini Barn Pics-13.jpg

Growing in size,

As The Shed Guys grew, it became more and more necessary to expand into a larger facility. We expanded into a larger building still located at 4642 Table Rock Road, and with the added room and the growing staff we were able to supply people with their sheds quicker.

New Shop on Table Rock-1.jpg
New Shop on Table Rock-2.jpg
New Shop on Table Rock-3.jpg

Continuing to grow,

With the focus on customization and flexibility, as well as staying local and supporting local, The Shed Guys started growing in popularity. With top quality products, the best warranties, high standards, and never breaking a promise led to The Shed Guys being the trusted name when it came to sheds and shed-like structures.

With the growth in popularity and demand The Shed Guys built a new manufacturing facility in 2004, located at 4880 Airway Drive. As the company evolved from small barn-like structures to any shed-like product, the name of the company was changed from Rogue Valley Mini Barns to The Shed Guys.

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Where we are today,

The Shed Guys have not only increased the available products and options quite a bit, but have also streamlined our production process. We continue to supply the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas with the best in sheds and shed-like structures.

We are extremely grateful to our community and customers, we will continue to work towards being the best that we can be.

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Our Mission Statement:

The Shed Guys strive to be a beacon for how business works to serve customers, employees and the community. Our specialty is sheds, anything and everything. We manufacture sheds, build sheds on site, customize sheds for any use you can think of, we offer shed kits and shed-cessories for do-it-yourselfers. We also move sheds, remodel sheds, and so on. After all we are The Shed Guys, striving to make the best looking sheds for more people at the lowest possible prices, never compromising American quality. The Shed Guys commit ourselves to this mission and God willing we will be successful.

Brian & Michelle Rogers
Owners since July 6th, 1998