The Shed Guys first began building personal storage sheds in mid 1980’s, the company was owned by Marion Imrie who operated the company until July of 1998. At that time the new owners, Brian & Michelle Rogers started trying to provide customers with more variety and flexibility. The original manufacturing facility was in a 300 square foot concrete block building, painted white with a red roof. In today’s standards our manufacturing building was not much larger than some of the storage sheds we now build for our customers. Through the years we have grown in popularity by living up to high standards and keeping our promises. We have added new designs and new employees to grow with the times and have stream lined our system to provide everyone with much more than we could in the beginning. Today we are proud to treat our customers to 1000’s of pictures and a large variety of demos to help them in their decision-making.


The Shed Guys strive to be a beacon for how business works to serve customers, employees and the community.
The Shed Guys specialty is sheds, anything and everything.  We manufacture sheds, build sheds on site, customize sheds for any use you can think of, we offer shed kits and shed-cessories for do-it-yourselfers, we also move sheds, remodel sheds and on and on. After all we are The Shed Guys, striving to make the best looking sheds for more people at the lowest possible prices, never compromising American quality. The Shed Guys commit ourselves to this mission and God willing we will be successful.

Brian & Michelle Rogers
Owners since July 6th, 1998




Jody Brewington

Jody is the sales manager, he has been apart of the shed guys team since 2001.


Corey McGrew

Corey is the production foreman, he has been apart of the shed guys team since 2005. Corey began working in construction in 1986.

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Paul McGrew

Paul is a production journeyman, he has been apart of the shed guys team for since 2008. Paul began working in construction in 1987.


Shane Patterson

"My name is Shane, I have been in construction for over 25 years and enjoy meeting new people and volunteering at my church"


James Grilley

"Hi I’m James, I’ve been with the shed guys for over a year. I will proudly build your shed."


Kyle Gala

"My name is Kyle Gala. I'm 23 years old. Michigan Native Oregon Transplant. I've been doing construction about 5-6 years now and around the jobsite since I could walk. Here at the Shed Guys it's a He shed, She shed scenario."


Brian & Michelle Rogers

Brian & Michelle are the owners, they bought the company in 1998.


Taylor Rogers

Taylor is the marketing director, as well as the website designer.