Rogue 3 Greenhouse

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Rogue 3 Greenhouses are designed without a floor, so for the base we use a 4x4 PT skid (Pressure Treated) perimeter. Approximately a third of the lower wall is framed and sided with 100% cedar. All framing for the walls and roofing, we use 100% cedar with 6mm twin wall Polycarbonate. Why Polycarbonate? Because Polycarbonate offers high impact resistance and has an excellent heat retention and 80% light transmission and 99.5% UV protection. It also diffuses light better to reduce plant sunburn. Because of the insulating effect of the double wall, there is less condensation (and more light transmission) and little or no dripping from overhead. A special exterior surface coating resists weathering and triples the life of the Polycarbonate. Also made from the same 6mm twin wall polycarbonate is two temperature controlled automatic vents, placed in each gable end. What makes these vents automatic? The hinges. These hinges are waxed filled and so when the weather warms up the wax expands forcing the vents to open, and as the temperature cools, the wax then shrinks making the vents close. The 32” door is also framed with cedar and 6mm polycarbonate with black hinges with a locking ‘T’ Handle.

What’s Included:

  • Bricks – ONLY if the ground is unlevel or is requested by the customer.

  • Pressure Treated Skids – 4x4 PT skid perimeter (No Floor).

  • Walls – 2x4 Cedar walls, 24” o/c with 6mm twin wall polycarbonate and metal bats.

  • Vents – 2 Automatic temperature-controlled gable venting.

  • Roof – 6mm twin wall polycarbonate, with metal flashing & ridge cap.

  • Garden Door – 32” wide garden door. Cedar framed with 6mm twin wall polycarbonate, black hinges, and a black locking “T” handle.

  • Delivery – Delivery* and assembled from ground up.

  • Warranty – The Rogue 3 Greenhouse comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

*See delivery/set up for more information

Add Ons:

  • Adjustable Cedar Slat Shelves (comes as a pair)

  • Shade Cloth

  • TSG Cold Frame

  • Univent Automatic Opener

  • Cedar Plant Cages – Available in Small, Medium and Large

  • Stand Up Cold Frame

  • Raised Cedar Planting Table

  • Cedar Potting Bench

  • Arched Top Cedar Potting Bench

  • Additional Anchor(s)

  • Custom UV Printed Door

The list of Add Ons/Options is only limited by your imagination

Delivery / Set Up:

All our sheds/shed like buildings include delivery and set up/assembled on site.
Benefits of being set up/assembled on site: You are able to get any size you want, any model you want and you are able to have your new building put exactly where you want it.
In order to keep it fair to all customers, we ask that your site be level within 6” from the highest point to the lowest point.
Our normal delivery area is 35 miles from our physical location (4880 Airway Drive, Central Point, OR), any delivery over 35 miles will be subjected to a mileage charge.
For a full list of The Shed Guys Normal Installation Requirements, please email or call.

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