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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When I decide to get a shed, how does the process work from start to finish?

  • You’ll work with a shed guy to get exactly what you want, and place your order. This can be done over the phone; however it is best to come to our facility. (4880 Airway Drive, Central Point OR)

  • Place your order and schedule a build date.

  • In most cases we ask for half down, as a good faith payment.

  • We will contact you the day before your scheduled build date and let you know when to expect us.

  • When the project is done & you are happy with your new shed the balance owing is due.


What do I need to do to get ready for my new shed?

  • Clear debris from shed site and any above obstacles such as tree branches - 15’ from the ground.

  • Level your shed site (within 6” - high spot to low spot)

  • Follow any set backs, CCR’s or Homeowner Association requirements.

  • Obtain a permit if required by your city/county/state.


Will I need a permit?

  • It depends on the size, location and your city, county or state requirements. Please call The Shed Guys or check with your local officials. If a permit is needed, The Shed Guys will provide you with the schematics for the permit. If a more in depth/extensive plan is required The Shed Guys can provide this with a charge to cover the cost of drawing and the additional copies required for submission.


How is my new shed delivered?

  • The Shed Guys build all of our sheds on site; we feel this is the best way to maintain structural integrity. Only by request will we deliver a shed whole & as long as it’s not over 8’ in width.


What are the costs of delivery?

  • Our free delivery range is 70 miles round trip, with a minimal mileage charge over the 70 miles.


How long is the normal installation process?

  • Since The Shed Guys pre-fabricate your shed in our manufacturing facility, in most cases your shed will be completely built in one day.

With all the sheds we build, your satisfaction is our number one priority. So with that in mind we offer warranties on all the sheds we build and we want you to be completely satisfied when your shed is completed.


Does my new shed come with a warranty?

  • The Shed Guys offer a 5 year warranty with our Basic models, a 8 year warranty with our Deluxe models and a 15 year warranty with our Premium models.


Are “The Shed Guys” licensed, bonded and insured?

  • Yes.


Why is being licensed, bonded and insured important?

  • Being properly licensed means we are governed by the Construction Contractors Board, which means we are legally licensed to do construction work on your property. It also means we are required to post our CCB number on all written advertisements, to ensure all potential customers that we are properly licensed and follow the Construction Contractors Board rules and regulations to properly protect homeowners. (CCB# 158787)

  • We carry Liability insurance to protect the homeowner; it removes liability from the homeowner and places it on us, where it belongs. We also carry Workers Comp. Insurance to protect our employees.