The Shed Guys are constantly looking for the best products on the market for our custom sheds and because of the huge variety of sheds we offer the list of materials is very extensive. 
Below is a list of products we would use on a typical 12x16 Premium with 7' sidewalls.

PREMIUM FLOOR (many other floor choices available) 
Concrete Blocks (assorted sizes for out of level ground) 
Pressure Treated Lumber (4) 4x6 skids 16' long
Doug Fir 2x4 joist 16" centers
3/4" Sanded UDL Plywood (alternating seams) 

WALLS (many other choices available) 
Doug Fir 2x4 studs 16" centers
1/2" Duratemp Siding (plywood backed) 
LP Textured Trim

ROOF FRAMING (many other choices available) 
Trusses & Beam System (optimizing head room) 
7/16" Radiant Barrier Roof Sheeting
15# Felt Paper
Roof Drip Edge (roof flashing) 
IKO 30-Year Cambridge Shingle (SCS) Building "GREEN" Certification

FINISHING TOUCHES (many other choices available)
Black Hinges
Black ‘T’ Handle Door Latch
Adjustable Door Hardware
Diamond Plate Threshold
Body & Trim Paint (stock colors)

We offer almost unlimited choices, please contact us and lets create a custom shed for you.

The Shed Guys and building "GREEN". After research, feedback and "GREEN" building seminars, we have found that we’ve been using "GREEN" building methods all along. We will continue to lead the way in the implementation of "GREEN" process.

What "GREEN" means to us?

Build it once, build it right, and build it to last
-Decades of use
Engineer & Design the building(s) to utilize our wood products
-Use engineering & smart design instead of extra wood
Recycle our waste products
-With the little waste we have, we make sure it is properly recycled
Use recycled products upon customer request
-Many customers request or bring used windows, doors, etc.
-Some customers request wood products that are made up of a certain % of recycled material
Minimal trips to the job site
-Manufacturing components offsite reduces waste and maintains a higher wood quality
-We may spend up to a week working on your project, however in most cases only need one day on the job site
-Minimal impact on your property and fewer trips to the job sites reducing fuel consumption
Solar & Wind power
-We offer a variety of products that utilize sunlight & wind to light and cool your shed.